Highly-anticipated Bellevue Ice Center off-schedule for 2018 completion


A highly anticipated ice-skating facility in Bellevue may not open as soon as residents thought after an announcement last March anticipated it would open in 2018.

The Nashville Mayor’s Office and developers said the Bellevue Ice Center would be open sometime in 2018 to provide a third Davidson County location for ice skating.

“It’s packed. The locker rooms are packed," said Darren Donovan, a Brentwood resident, who visits Nashville’s other ice skating rinks. "[During] the public skates, there are people right shoulder-to-shoulder next to you."

News4 spoke with hockey players like Bradley Stamps who regularly make the drive out to Antioch to skate and are waiting for relief this year with the new Bellevue Ice Center.

“I think it will be a little closer to Bellevue than here," said Stamps. "This is about a 20-minute drive for me, so that’s a little closer in Bellevue."

For now, there is no active construction at the One Bellevue Place site.

The Bellevue Ice Center will be 90,000 square feet, which is the same size as the Ford Ice Center.

Ford Center contractors broke ground, built the building and then opened it to the public in just 11 months back in 2014.

That leaves only 10 months for the Bellevue project to meet its expected time frame for an opening in 2018.

News4’s Briona Arradondo asked hockey players whether a later construction timeline mattered to them.

“It would be disappointing, but I’m just thrilled they’re having another option out there, another rink,” said Stamps. “There’s definitely a shortage of places to play in town, so the sooner the better. But we’ll be patient.”

Metro General Services said council members did not give the green light for funding on the $28 million project until late November.

A Metro Finance document shows officials are in the middle of accepting contractor proposals and they plan to choose someone at end of February.

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